www.Myconversevisit.com – Win $5 Off

www.Myconversevisit.com – The shoe company giant Converse offers a customer satisfaction Survey on the website  www.myconversevisit.com.

www.Myconversevisit.com - Win $5 Off - Converse Survey

www.Myconversevisit.com – Win $5 Off

The survey mostly asks the customer to rate their experience at the converse store after any purchase with the staff.

Atmosphere and purchase process.  Here is a detailed description of the survey and its rewards.

How To Take The Survey

The surveyor must visit www.myconversevisit.com and enter the content of the receipt of purchase from any converse store into the assigned boxes.

The store number, time of visit, date, transaction and purchase amount is asked for. One can take the survey in English, Spanish or Chinese.

After feeding this information, one can answer the questions regarding their experience at the converse store and their feedback on the quality of items and services.

Customers must honestly answer about their recent experiences at the store to help out their favourite shoe brand to flourish better.

After having answered all these questions, one must fill in their personal details, after which one receives a code. The code gives access to coupon prizes that will be further described below.

www.Myconversevisit.com - Win $5 Off - Converse Survey

Rewards and Prizes

The coupon code will give access to free items or discounts. Few lucky winners will be able to receive a 5$ coupon prize from the survey code.

Terms and Conditions

The survey participant must have a receipt from any converse store from a maximum of 7 days before. The participant must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Items must be purchased from the store in order to take the survey and win prizes. The survey can be taken a total of 2 times in a week.

The code on the receipt can only be availed once and is valid for 60 days after the receipt has been issued.

The participant is required to be a citizen of the United States. The prizes cannot be availed where it is prohibited by law.

The participant cannot be an employee of Converse or a relative of any employees. The prizes cannot be availed in the form of cash.

www.Myconversevisit.com - Win $5 Off - Converse Survey

Survey Requirements

The participant must be at least 18 years of age to qualify as a candidate to take the survey.The participant must have access to any  electronic devices such as a phone, a laptop or a pc.

They must also have access to an internet connection. The participant of the Converse survey must provide a valid E-mail id and contact details to be able to receive the coupon code.

A knowledge of either English, Spanish or Chinese is required in order to take the survey.

About Converse Survey

Today a well known shoe company, Converse was started by Marquis Mills Converse in 1908 in Boston as Converse Rubber Company.

It has been a pioneer in street style footwear and an brand that gave birth to an iconic shoe style. Since 2003, it has become a part of Nike.Inc as a subsidiary of the company.

Though based originally in the United States, Converse today sells its products across a total of 170 countries.

It has since become one of the biggest street style shoe brand, setting trends all over the world for the past few decades.


Converse today is one of the most reputed and popular shoe company globally. Perhaps to be able to keep up their name.

and improve their business even further, this customer satisfaction survey becomes a useful tool. However, not only does it benefit Converse to further improve and better their workings.

it also provides customers with a chance to get exciting benefits. This prompts more customers to make a purchase at the Converse stores and hence.

More feedback can be generated by Converse. Go to your nearest Converse store now to be able to take the survey. Take the survey and win coupon codes.

Discounts and even a 5$ prize. For more information, visit the official Converse website or visit www.myconversevisit.com.

www.Myconversevisit.com - Win $5 Off - Converse Survey

Converse Survey FAQs

  • Is online purchase available?

Answer – Yes, converse shoes can be purchased online. Purchase today on https://www.converse.com/us .

  • Is free shipping available online?

Answer – Yes, free shipping can be availed on purchases above 50$.

  • What is the return policy for converse?

Answer – Purchases can be returned within 30 days of purchase and refund is available.

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